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hey, guys. Clare here.

I’m a teenager living on five acres with my parents and two younger siblings. we’re wedged right between the city & country in the middle of Oklahoma.

a question I get asked a lot is “are you in college?” & the answer is NOPE! my ambitions mostly consist of being a wife + mother + homesteader (God-willing, of course). none of which require a degree ;) I figured whyyy spend an exorbitant amount of time & money to get a degree I wouldn’t use? being under a load of debt (which, by the way, is equated to slavery in the Bible) was not my ideal way of starting out adulthood. so I work part time at my family’s business! which is a HUGE blessing. the rest of the time, I’m at home learning all things ~domestic~ & tending the farm.

the homestead started out as a childhood dream of my dad’s, but eventually became reality. we moved onto our li’l piece of property in June of 2013. it kind of started out as a hobby, but as we learned more & more about our Messed Up food & medicine system, we saw the true value of it. now we’re slowly – like, slooooowly - working towards producing most of our own food. we raise laying hens, meat birds, hair sheep, and dairy goats. we also have a passel of dogs & cats. it’s a fun adventure for sure! & a real honor to be a steward of Creation.

the most important thing about me is that I’m a follower of Christ. I’m very blessed to have been raised in a home where glorifying God is the center of it all. & being that we live in the devil’s world, there are always interesting conversations going on at the kitchen table. we definitely qualify as “conspiracy theorists”, though “truther” is a MUCH better term.

so yeah, that’s me in a nutshell! growing, canning, milking, sewing, working, and LEARNING. learning to live simply, to nourish (mind + body + soul), to cast off the ways of the world. & also learning how to be an adult. that too.