about the author…

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…sounds so distinguished! but I’ll have you know that it’s just little ol’ me behind these words. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve re-written this page, so I’ll just go for it.

I’m Clare. a young lady caught somewhere between her teenage years & adulthood. I live on a five acre homestead in Oklahoma with my family where we raise laying hens, meat chickens, sheep, and goats; as well as tend a large garden. I’m a follower of Christ who fails every single day, and await the day that we (those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior) are taken Home & are made perfect. for now I’ll enjoy this beautiful life has God given me.

here are some other miscellaneous things about me:

  • I love anything vintage or old-timey. historical dramas are my favorite kinds of movies & I doubt that will ever change. I think that is also a big part of my draw to homesteading. it’s going back to a simple, straightforward way of living. sounds good to me.

  • health & wellness is important to me. I want to take good care of my body, as it is a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). that’s another reason I love homesteading- you know exactly where your food comes from! in this day & age, that is important. (I’ll just give it to you straight… most food in the grocery is contaminated & actually doesn’t belong in your body. that sounds a little intense doesn’t it? well, a lot of the things I say probably do because…)

  • I believe a lot of things that seem off-the-wall to the average person. some call it ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘truther,’ but really I’m just a person seeking & praying for Truth in these end times. I can blame my parents for that blessing, they got the ball rolling on that one. they joke that they’ve turned me into a monster. I’m not sure if they’re actually joking or not.

  • that said, my parents are my best friends. even if they call me a monster.

  • I’m the oldest of three siblings, but most of the time I act like the annoying younger sister. or at least that’s what I’m told.

  • Anne Shirley & Jo March are my home girls. yes, Anne of Green Gables and Little Women are my favorite books. doubt that will ever change, either.

at this point I think I’ve over-shared. have I scared you off yet? hope not.

about the blog

my intention with this blog is to document my [in]experience and [mis]adventure in my endeavors.

endeavors include, but are not limited to: growing, canning, milking, sewing, working, and LEARNING. learning to live simply, to nourish (mind + body + soul), to cast off the ways of the world. & also learning how to be an adult. that too.

I don’t want to try to be someone I’m not. homestead blogs are often filled with helpful how-to’s and valuable information. the truth of it is that I can’t offer you that! I’m not skilled in much of anything. but what I can offer is the chance to learn from my mistakes and maybe a good laugh. and hopefully I will be an encouragement to you.