hey, I'm Clare! welcome to Mulberry Stained.

my little corner of the internet devoted to homesteading, homemaking, health + wellness, & life in general. I live on a five acre homestead with my family (read more about them below!). we raise sheep, goats, laying hens, & meat chickens and grow lots of fruit n' veg in our giant garden. why? so that the majority of our food comes right from our backyard. so that we can live a simple + intentional life in a world filled with meaningless distractions. so that we can learn the forgotten skills our ancestors used in daily life. so that we can nourish our bodies, minds, & souls. so that we can glorify our Heavenly Father.



dad, bald (funny, because our last name is Balding), decision maker, farmer man, wearer of jorts, dog's best friend, dreamer, has a fake front tooth, blinks in photos 90% of the time, doesn't like tomatoes.


mom, crafter extraordinaire, "doesn't like farm life" (her words- we don't believe her), has mad cooking skills, her favorite color is green, cannot heel click to save her life, takes better care of us than we deserve.


big sis, photographer, chicken lady, milkmaid, also a dreamer, wears a lot of flannels, loves all things vintage, terrible gardener, drinks chamomile tea, a total klutz. the voice here & over on the 'gram.


middle child, animal whisperer, meat bird man, has a surprisingly large vocabulary, fish tank connoisseur, smells like his dog, cob oven enthusiast, major one-upper, lives off bread alone.


the baby, coffee addict, baker, tiny person, self-proclaimed city girl, novice artist, obsessed with all things rose (including her cat, Rose), entrepreneur at heart, professional eye-roller.