hey there

for a long long time (like three years) I've debated on what my first blog post would be. for whatever reason, there's a lot of pressure attached to that. but I've come to a point that it's better to have an imperfect, ramble-y first post than no blog at all. so here we are! 


I've gone back & forth A LOT on whether or not I really wanted to start a blog. there's a big part of me that just wants to separate myself from modern technology & get back to the way things were. I often feel like time spent on/for the internet (i.e. The Black Hole), is time wasted. there is already so much information out there, why would I add any more?

well, for one I'm a creative. I'm always observing life/art (they're the same thing if you really think about it) & feel the need to share & replicate that beauty. whether it be an aspect of nature noticed during morning chores, a beautiful scene from a movie, certain words compiled together that tug at my soul, or a wordless song that somehow brings a tear to my eye. while this is a decent reason, it didn't outweigh the feeling of wasting my time on something that would not last.

but I had an epiphany today. I realized that the one thing that would make spending my time on something that appears fruitless, would be to shine His light. what is the point of this if I'm not doing it to glorify God? what's the point of anything if I'm not doing it glorify God? so. while my aim with this blog is to share my experiences + my interests + my (he)art, my main goal is to share the Gospel.

at the beginning of each year, I create a farm video reminiscing over the previous year. I figure 2017's belongs in this post, as a sort of introduction. it'll give you a look into what we do around here. & soon enough I'll be sharing why we do it.

thank you guys for listening! I can't wait to begin this journey.